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The podcast started in late September. The idea was born back in June of 2015.  I was walking my dog  Mandy (Golden Retriever) listening to a podcast (Industry Standard with Barry Katz) and thought to myself maybe I can create a podcast. Then I had this long discussion with myself for a few months that yes I can and no I can’t.  Then one day I downloaded free recording software to my iPad and Medic2Medic was born.

Below are some of the original goals that sketched out:

  1. Start an EMS Podcast, that talks to the providers and industry leaders. Check.
  2. Learn how to be a Podcaster. In Progress.
  3. Publish a podcast. Check (Thanks to my first guest Paramedic Greg Edwards from Cary Area EMS). Check.
  4. Find a platform.  Thanks to, Facebook and Stitcher . Check.
  5. Be part of the iTunes  family.  This was big accomplishment for me.  Check.
  6. Find a sponsor or sponsors. In Progress.
  7. Website. Check.
  8. Blog.  Check.
  9. Ask Randolph Mantooth to be a guest. Check

I can’t believe it for the 30th podcast episode, Randolph Mantooth will be my guest.  It was dream came true.  I have watched every episode of Emergency a few times.  Our conversation was fantastic and Mr. Mantooth was entertaining and also provided interesting commentary on today’s state of EMS.  When you listen you may hear that I might have been a little excited.  Look for the 30th podcast this Monday.


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