Why and How Did I Start Medic2Medic Podcast?

Before I answer the questions, Medic2Medic Podcast received it’s 5,000 download this week. I continue to be humbled and grateful to my listeners and especially to my guests.

Just like a an Uber Driver being asked why and how long have you been driving for Uber, I have received the same questions about why and how I started the podcast?

I like listening to podcasts. Some of my favorite podcasters are Mark Maron (WTF Podcast), Barry Katz (Industry Standard with Barry Katz), Alec Baldwin (Here’s the Thing), Jamie Davis (MedicCast and Nursing Show) and Terry Gross (Fresh Air). I also listen to EMS1.com‘s and JEMS podcasts.

While walking my dog Mandy last June, I was listening to Barry Katz and said to myself: I like to talk, I like to talk to people and I know a little bit about EMS. Maybe I can start a podcast? The EMS industry podcasts are great and deal with current trends and topics. I wanted to talk to the providers and leaders to hear why they joined this great profession? What motivated them? What was their story?

I then returned to reality and said to myself, I can’t do this!  Barry Katz has a saying in his opening and mentions this saying during his podcast frequently.  It is “Don’t be denied and turn nos into yeses.”

I set a few goals to accomplish.  Start a podcast, download the software, publish a podcast on iTunes, have Randolph Mantooth as a guest,  get a sponsor and reach 50 episodes.

A few months later I downloaded software on my iPad and recorded my first podcast, Greg Edwards, a colleague agreed to be my first guest. I had no idea what I was doing, had no clue about editing or how the podcast was going to get published? Just Google the word podcast and see the number of search results!

I found Spreaker.com and with their help, the first episode was published on Facebook.  The podcast is available on iTunes and Stitcher and Spreaker (objectives are being accomplished). I accomplished the Randolph Mantooth goal as well.  I am still shy of 50 episodes and in need of a sponsor.

The podcast has 5000 downloads and there are over 1800 followers on Spreaker.com. With a few more guests to come, I am sure to reach and achieve both of remaining of the initial goals.

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