Episode 46 of Medic2Medic Podcast: To Wear Gloves or Not?

Do we need to wear gloves with every patient encounter? Is EMS education behind the times when it comes to educating EMTs and Paramedics regarding infectious diseases? You came to the right podcast for answers. Katherine West joins me on the podcast and we talk about all kinds topics related to infectious disease. Katherine West has been working in the field of infection control since 1975. She lectures both nationally and internationally on this topic. Katherine West has served as a consultant to the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health. She is the author of Infectious Disease Handbook for Emergency Care Personnel, now in its third edition.

In the earlier days of my career, I never wore gloves. I have covered a stab wounds to the chest with my ungloved hand. It was a badge of honor to be bloody.  Times have changed or have they? Katherine and I talk about gloving up on every call as well as the current standards and latest research. Katherine takes aim on a few topics and agencies on this subject that will make you think.  

Episode 46 of Medic2Medic Podcast

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