Medic2Medic Podcast to Air Number 50

I never thought when I started the podcast in September it would reach 50 episodes. Yes it was one of the goals I had set. The podcast will air number 50 later on this week. The guest did not know it would be number 50, and there is no mention of it being number 50. The guest provides great stories about his career path in EMS and offers a different opinion of Community Paramedicine.

I am honored and humbled by the support and feedback I have received. As of today there are 6,389 downloads and on Spreaker the podcast has over 2,400 followers. I want to thank my wife for her support and joining me on this adventure. I would be amiss if I did not thank my guests. They have been willing, able and entertaining. The great stories and wisdom they have told have made the podcast what it is today. I can’t thank you enough. Cary Area EMS deserves a special thanks for all their support.

What is next for the podcast? The formula of talking and hearing the stories from those living the profession will continue. We will also talk to experts on important subjects like EMS suicides prevention and recognition, body cameras for EMS providers as well as how EMS providers can de-escalate the violence to themselves.

If you want to hear past episodes from JEMS AJ Heightman, EMS1’  Greg Friese and Randolph Mantooth they are available on iTunes, and  As well you can listen to podcasts from my colleagues at Cary Area EMS, Medical Rescue Team South Authority and from my days at the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS. All you have to do is head over to   I am looking forward to the next 50. Keep listening.

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