Episode 61 of Medic2Medic Podcast Tackles Suicide Within EMS

One of the most difficult topics this podcast has discussed. The suicide problem that is occurring within the EMS profession. This week  I talk with the founder of the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance (FBHA) Jeff Dill. FBHA is dedicated to educating EMS, Police and Fire on suicide awareness. It is the only known organization that collects and validates data on FF/EMT suicides across the Unites States. Jeff besides being a retired Fire Captain holds a MS in Counseling.

Suicide of Public Safety Providers, especially in EMS unfortunately is in the news on a regular basis. Just this week EMS1.com ran another article on the subject.  In another article written by Ann Marie Farina, the article talks about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention new release of  suicide rates by occupational group on July 1, 2016 [1].  The EMT and paramedic classification group is 29.  For more information head over to EMS1.com to read Ms. Farina’s take on the study.


During the podcast, we discuss how the organization got its start. We talk about suicide in EMS, what are some of the signs we should be looking for and how important that we educate our public safety family. 


Episode 61

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  1. Suicide Rates by Occupational Group — 17 States, 2012. Weekly / July 1, 2016 / 65(25);641–645.

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