Medic2Medic Podcast Hits 10,000 Downloads

On October 10, 2016 this small podcast reached 10,000 downloads. This is an unbelievable (believable) achievement for me and the podcast. A big thank you to my listeners and a special thanks to my guests.

During the first year of the podcast listeners heard from providers telling their stories about how they got into this great profession. I was lucky enough to grab leaders like Walt Stoy, Todd Stout, AJ Heightman, Greg Freise, Skip Kirkwood, Mike Taigman, Kris Kaull, Steven Davidson, Jose Cabanas, Jefferson Williams, Paul Paris, Jay Fitch and Alexander Garza to name a few. I was even luckier when Randolph Mantooth  joined me for my 30th episode. Here are just few topics the podcast tackled: EMS,  EMS and Body Cameras, EMS Leadership, EMS Suicide, EMS Education, EMS Technology, Community Paramedicine, EMS Research and Hollywood.

I would  be wrong if I did not mention my guests from Cary Area EMS, Wake County EMS, Wake County EMS System and Medical Rescue Team South Authority.  Thanks so much for being part of the adventure.  Thanks to Cary Area EMS for all their support.  A special thanks goes out to my wife Erin and my kids Michael and Rachel with their support in many areas of the podcast.

My Guest not mentioned above and to them my humble thanks.

Greg Edwards, Jeff Hammerstein, Tammy Patton, Quincy Harris, Avery Brown, Steve Wirth, Ryan Stark, Justine Hollingshead, Marion Houle, Bradley Wilson, Garland Tant, Joe Bourgraf, Mike Yee, Dave Lindell, Kevin Hazzard, Jon Olson, Chris Colangelo, Peter Dworsky, Jon Washko, dan Swayze, Dave Terkel, Todd Prichard, Doug Widmer, gene Lambert, Lynn Nowak, Chris Stawasz, James Winslow, Jayme Bergman, Bill Miller, Katerine West, Paul Falavolito, Baxter Larmon, Bryan Bledsoe, Mike Gannon, Mike Touchstone, Harold Cohen, Daniel Cline, Mike Kobneck, Bill Sukitch, Mic Gunderson, Deborah Stein, Bill Atkinson, Rick SyWassink, Wendell Hissrich, Jeff Dill, Amy Eisenhauer, Neal Baer, Eric Sweden, Steve Daniels, Drew Baird and Ev Binns.  If you want to hear the guests mentioned here go to Medic2Medic Podcast, Spreaker, iTunes and Stitcher

There are more podcast to come as number 70 was published last night. Stay tuned.


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