The FBI and EMS

I am not sure how many of you remember the television show “The FBI”, a Quinn Martin Production . This was an action show on ABC that started in 1965 and ran until 1974. If I recall it was sponsored by the Ford Motor Company.  Wikipedia also states that the American Tobacco Company was a sponsor. Wow have sponsors changed since 1965.  The series told stories (fiction) of FBI cases. I am not sure back then that paramedics were involved in the story.

Today’s FBI is different and Paramedics play a pivotal role within the bureau. On this week’s episode of Medic2Medic Podcast you can listen to Kurt Gardner, a Paramedic with the FBI. The FBI, City of Pittsburgh EMS, diving the murky waters of the 3 Rivers  are some of the topics that we tall about his week. Kurt Gardner has been in EMS for over 30 years. He became an EMT in 1985 and was a volunteer for Medical Rescue Team South in the south suburbs of Pittsburgh PA. He became a Paramedic in 1987 and was hired as a Paramedic by the City of Pittsburgh in 1988. While with the City of Pittsburgh, Kurt also served on the city’s HAZMAT team and was a Master Diver with the River Rescue. Following the September 2001 attacks, the Commonwealth established an in state Urban Search and Rescue team and the City of Pittsburgh  he was an integral part of that team. . Kurt retired after 21 years in the city to take a position within the FBI to provide specialized medical support. In his current position with the FBI, he is a Weapons of Mass Destruction Paramedic. We discuss all the above and how the FBI uses Paramedics in the Bureau.



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