A Story You Don’t Want To Miss: Medic2Medic Podcast Episode 76

I had the honor to talk to Daniel Mills a few weeks back.  Daniel is the founder of 911 Buddy Check.  911 Buddy Check is an avenue for 911 providers to check in or reach out for help dealing with things they see everyday. 911 Buddy Check goes deep into the broken culture of  the “Tough  Guy” world of public safety and the effects of PTSD that affects the profession of public safety.  In EMS the suicide rates are increasing as well as drug and alcohol abuse.  911 Buddy Check is a resource to help with self and buddy aid when it comes to care after the calls are over.


Did you ever look in the mirror and say enough is enough? This week on Medic2Medic Podcast Daniel Mills, a 14 year veteran of the fire and EMS world tells his story about looking in the mirror.  Daniel is a veteran of the US Navy where he served as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman with the United States Marine Corp for 8 years. He currently teaches for the Special Operations Medical command at UAB Birmingham. Daniel has been a Critical incident stress debriefer for Under the Shield Foundation for over a year now. He is currently a Flight Medic in Alabama. His story has twists and turns that include difficult subjects like addiction, suicide and PTSD. A dog and mirror play a pivotal role in the unbelievable turnaround of his story and what he does now to help others. Daniel is passionate about 911 Buddy Check and making sure the public safety family has somewhere to turn when they are in trouble. Most importantly, Daniel is a recovering alcoholic, addict and suicide survivor. His story is incredible.

I encourage public safety providers and their families to listen to his story.


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