Medic2Medic Podcast Goes International

It is the power of email and Social Media that has allowed the podcast to record 3 International podcasts. Two of the podcast have been published, they are Chief Lloyd Parker from Kuwait and Dov Maisel from Israel. The third podcast still in the editing process is Tracy Levesque from Canada.

Chief Lloyd Parker:

In Episode 81 Chief Lloyd Parker, is the podcast’s first international guest. Chief Lloyd Parker since June of 2011 has served as the Chief of Emergency Medical Services for the George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates, Department of Emergency Medicine for the US Army Central Command Bases in the State of Kuwait. Chief Parker has served in leadership roles at eleven Type I Incidents (Haiti, Florida Wildfires, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina to name a few). Chief Parker worked on National Security Special Events like the Obama Presidential Inauguration and 4th of July in Washington DC. We talk how EMS works in Kuwait, being inspected by different agencies on a everyday basis, the commute to the EMS stations and life as a EMS provider in Kuwait,  Do you wonder what is the most difficult adjustment of being a EMT or Paramedic in Kuwait may be? Listen in to the podcast to hear the answer.

Episode 81

 In Episode 85, the podcast continues our International track.  This time we are hearing from Israel. Mr. Dov Maisel is the senior Vice-President of International Operation for United Hatzalah/Untied Rescue volunteer emergency response organization. Mr. Maisel is Combat Medic and a Company Commander (Res.) in the Israel Defense Forces and specializes in a mass disaster, rescue and recovery training for both the civilian and military arenas. He is an innovator and inventor of medical technologies and devices and is on the International Editorial Board of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS). Our discussion goes back to his  school days and how EMS was made for him. You won’t believe the number of volunteers that United Hatzalah has responding to emergencies and who those volunteers are. Mr. Maisel tells a compelling story of a terrorist attack and the unbelievable situation he faced. If you want to know how EMS works in Israel, Mr. Maisel and I talk about that subject too. 

Episode 85

Coming soon, Tracy Levesque’s podcast will be about Max as the only Therapy Dog for EMS providers in Canada and how the program got started and how the program works. We also will touch on EMS in Canada.

Notes: The podcast has over 16,650 downloads and 85 published episodes. The podcast is always looking for comments and feedback.


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