Does EMS Need Surge Pricing?

I returned from my daughter’s college graduation a few weeks ago (proud father) and started to think about the weekend. It was great and we had a wonderful time.  We arrived a day earlier and checked into our hotel. The rate for that night was reasonable at $169. The next night it jumped to $309. Same room, no additional services, no room service, no additional towels and no better view from the window.

Hotels, restaurants, airlines, Uber, sporting events and a lot more service industries raise their rates for certain events and activities. Examples are $15,000 for a Super Bowl ticket and airlines raise their rates on a regular basis. Every try to book a flight with less than 24 hour notice as well as travel on Sunday or Monday?  Uber and Lyft are always changing their their rates especially around concerts and New Years.  I understand the concept of supply and demand. Is it time EMS starts to look at this model of pricing?

How would it look? That is a good question and maybe you have some thoughts.

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