The Driverless Ambulance

If you are flying, would you be ok with a pilotless cockpit?  Think about that for a few seconds.  Listen Uber, Lyft,  General Motors and Ford are testing driverless cars. We have cars that back up by themselves and of course we have airplanes that fly on autopilot.

How would you feel if you were a patient in a driverless ambulance? How would you feel if you are a provider transporting the patient going lights and sirens? This week on the podcast Dr. Joseph Keebler, Dr. Stephen Rice of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Dr. Scott Winter from Florida Institute of Technology discuss their research study on this interesting topic.The professors discuss the creation, methods and the results of this study. The results may surprise some and intrigue others. We discuss the pros and cons of a driverless ambulance and the future research needed on this subject. The authors understand that limitations of this study and the scenarios presented to the participants. What is interesting about this study the participants are not EMS providers, but the public.

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