Medic2Medic Turns 2

On September 17, 2015, a podcast was born and the first episode of Medic2Medic was published. Not on iTunes, not on Soundcloud and definitely not on NPR. It appeared on Facebook and I will be always grateful to Paramedic Greg Edwards from Cary Area EMS for agreeing to be my first guest. The first episodes were recorded on my iPad and published without any editing.

It is September 2017 and Medic2Medic celebrates 2 years of podcasting. There are 116 published episodes, 25,100 downloads and listens and the podcast can be found on your favorite platforms. There are coffee mugs, a prototype hat, and business cards. We have had one sponsor for a few shows and my thanks go out to Smallman Street Deli in Pittsburgh for the support.

The podcast would not be around if it was for the loyal listeners and I continued to be humbled by their dedication. My guests have been amazing telling their stories, providing their wisdom and their willingness to be part of the adventure. Besides hearing about the guest’s path into EMS, medicine, Hollywood, research and public safety we have talked about numerous topics. Some fun and some serious subjects made the airways from EMS on TV to bringing peer support, addiction and suicide of our public safety family to air. Medic2Medic will continue this mission.

A special thanks go out to my wife Erin for all her advice, support, and love. To the Cary Area EMS family, I can not thank you enough for the support and a super thank you to those from Cary Area EMS who have been guests.

Two years ago you did not hear about a lot of EMS Podcasts. Today, there are much more and I hope Medic2Medic had something to do with this trend.

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