My Journey Comes to the End

The journey ended on Monday. I received an email (I thought it should have at least of been a phone call). I am disappointed and it left me with a pit in my stomach. My kidney function test was 2 points below the UNC standard. Remember that UNC’s goal is to make sure the donor is safe to donate their kidney. My kidneys are fine, just not up to snuff for UNC. 

One of the lessons I learned is that you never know what can derail you from your journey. All of my medical tests, until the kidney function, were spot on. Even my psych exam (no jokes please) went well. The lesson I continue to learn is that life can change on a dime.  As one of my podcast guests said: “you live every day and you only die once”. I won’t lie, it hurts, but I will dust myself off and move on. I don’t regret trying and if I had a chance to do it again, I would without hesitation. I am hoping it will encourage others to try.  

I want to thank all of you that reached out to me during the journey with your kind words. To my co-worker’s, thanks for listening and your support.  Thanks to UNC.  To Erin, Michael, Rachel, and Mandy, your love and encouragement, especially on Monday, means the world to me.

One final note about this journey. Although I am not able to donate my kidney, I still feel the same way that I did at the beginning.  I am grateful for the opportunity and the experience. My heart is the same and I will look for other ways to help. 


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