Medic2Medic Celebrates 150th Episode

I am not sure I knew a few years ago that the podcast would reach 150 episodes. I started the podcast with my iPad, free software, and Facebook as my platform. The first few episodes went with no editing. How about that?  One day I will go back and listen to those early episodes. 

There are many people to thank. You know who you are and you know I appreciate you taking a chance by trusting me as a podcaster.  My family who helped with early production and ideas. My son with the early log0s and my daughter for her ideas. I would be lost without my wife.  The Cary Area EMS family for their support and some being great guests. Speaking of guests, I have reconnected and met new friends and colleagues all because of the podcast. I cannot thank you enough. Thanks to JEMS and EMS1 for helping to spread the podcast through their channels.

The podcast has dedicated numerous episodes to the wellbeing of providers and talking about suicide and addiction in the public safety arena. I am extremely proud of those episodes and the guests who have shared their stories and advise that they have provided. I was extremely lucky to land Randolph Mantooth as a guest. I could not believe it when his name appeared on my computer screen when we recorded. I have enjoyed talking and learning from every guest that has been part of the adventure.   

So here is Episode 150

Episode 150 is Gregg Margolis. Gregg is the Director of Health Policy Fellowships and Leadership Programs at the National Academy of Medicine (NAM). In this role, Gregg leads the NAM’s four national health policy fellowship and scholar programs with a mission of building health policy leadership and expertise for the future.

Prior to joining the NAM, Greg served as the Director of the Division of Health System Policy for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response at the US Department of Health and Human Services, where he led a team of policy experts in formulating, analyzing, and implementing policies to build strong, integrated, and resilient healthcare systems that are prepared for, able to respond to, and recover quickly from disasters and public health emergencies. Way before briefing White House officials and working as the Associate Director NREMT he gave this podcast host a shot at writing at the national level. Gregg asked me to be part of writing and editing the national EMT-I curriculum. Even before that Gregg and I met when he was a paramedic student at the Center for Emergency Medicine In Pittsburgh. Gregg has over 20 years has clinical and flight paramedic, educator, author, speaker and holds a Ph.D. in administrative and policy studies and an MS in health care supervision and management from the University of Pittsburgh.

Gregg continues to work to make this the world better for EMS and to improve the health of others. We talk about this fantastic career, his scuba diving, visits to the White House, and our Pittsburgh connection for this 150th episode.


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