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I am Steven Cohen and I the Chief of Cary Area EMS and has been in EMS for 35 years. I am a provider, educator, administrator and now a podcaster. - See more at:

Medic2Medic Podcast Celebrates 3 Years of Podcasts

Medic2Medic Podcast celebrated our 3rd-anniversary last week.  Another milestone for the podcast as most new podcasts last about 7 episodes before giving up. This episode is the 157th in the series.   I never thought 3 years ago that there would be 157 episodes and over 42,000 downloads and listens.  I continue to be humble and grateful.  I have […]

Medic2Medic Celebrates 150th Episode

I am not sure I knew a few years ago that the podcast would reach 150 episodes. I started the podcast with my iPad, free software, and Facebook as my platform. The first few episodes went with no editing. How about that?  One day I will go back and listen to those early episodes.  There are […]

My Journey Comes to the End

The journey ended on Monday. I received an email (I thought it should have at least of been a phone call). I am disappointed and it left me with a pit in my stomach. My kidney function test was 2 points below the UNC standard. Remember that UNC’s goal is to make sure the donor is […]

My Journey of Becoming a Living Kidney Donor: Part 4

My Journey of Becoming a Living Kidney Donor: Part 4 Have you ever been a position to make a difference?  Would you help someone in need?  I hope you would jump in to help someone, from learning CPR to giving a dollar to someone who needs it without thinking about it. I have tried to live my […]

My Journey of Becoming a Living Kidney Donor: Part 3

One of the reasons for doing this is to bring awareness and information about becoming a living kidney donor. In Parts 1 and 2, I talked about the other reasons and the process so far. In Part 2, I let you know that I completed 24 hours of urine collection and had blood drawn. The […]

My Journey of Becoming a Living Kidney Donor: Part 2 

My Journey of Becoming a Living Kidney Donor: Part 2  In Part 1, I told you that I had attempted in the past to learn more about becoming a living kidney donor. I emailed and called a few places, but never received a response. Then something else came along and I would move on. Today, I am in […]

My Journey of Becoming A Living Kidney Donor: Part 1

The Journey of a Becoming a Living Donor I am not sure when I first thought about donating my kidney.  I grew up in Pittsburgh where the late Dr. Starzl practiced and performed the first liver transplant. Dr. Starzl was known as the “Father of Modern Organ Transplantation”. Maybe this is how it came about? […]

Medic2Medic Turns 2

On September 17, 2015, a podcast was born and the first episode of Medic2Medic was published. Not on iTunes, not on Soundcloud and definitely not on NPR. It appeared on Facebook and I will be always grateful to Paramedic Greg Edwards from Cary Area EMS for agreeing to be my first guest. The first episodes were […]

Emergency!: The Reboot

Hawaii 5-O , Will and Grace and other TV shows have made comebacks. Is it time for Emergency! to be rebooted? What would it look like? Who would be the stars? Would the stars be unknown or well known?  All good questions. Then the last question is why remake the classic show, which lots of […]

EMS Conferences: Time to Embrace Podcasting

Disclaimer: My presentation submission has been rejected once again both nationally and  at the State EMS confernces. I have gotten used to the rejection emails from conferences. I keep trying as ‘failure is not an option”(quote from the cult movie Joe Dirt). Though sometimes I wonder if EMS conference selection committees miss the boat or […]

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