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I am Steven Cohen and I the Chief of Cary Area EMS and has been in EMS for 35 years. I am a provider, educator, administrator and now a podcaster. - See more at:

Medic2Medic Podcast Episode 32

Medic2Medic Podcast will publish new podcasts on Sunday night. Tonight’s episode is Gene Lambert. Gene Lambert retired after 31 years working for Wake County EMS. In those 31 years, Gene held different positions from Paramedic to Training Chief. Gene’s dedication to public service was spurred by the tragic death of his sister, a nurse, when […]

Cancer Invades Cary Area EMS

The question: How does Cancer affect your  EMS organization when it is one of your own?  If you are looking for the answer in this blog, you are not going to find it.  What I am going to let you know is how we at Cary Area EMS are handling the effects of one of […]

Episode 31 of Medic2Medic Podcast

There are buzz words in the EMS world that are used on a regular basis.  Response times, Mobile Integrated Healthcare & Community Paramedicine.  This week’s podcast is Dan Swayze.  Dan is widely considered one of the earliest pioneers of community paramedicine.  Dan is the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Center for Emergency Medicine […]

My Start in EMS

I just celebrated my 15th year anniversary as Chief at Cary Area EMS ( We are a nonprofit 911 ambulance service, which is part of the Wake County EMS System. During the past week, I have been asked how I got started in EMS? The story goes like this. Picture this, I am a freshman […]

Medic2Medic Podcast Thanks

This week’s podcast with Emergency’s  Randolph Mantooth is on pace to have the most downloads for the podcast since we started in late September. I have had numerous emails and tweets with great comments.  The podcast  received our 1000 follower on Spreaker,  as well as  we gained new listeners and Twitter Followers.  All this an […]

30th Episode of Medic2Medic Podcast: Randolph Mantooth

Who would of thought that I would reach 30 episodes of Medic2Medic?  I know 30 may not be much to some, to me it is another milestone. Again I can’t thank my guests for being part of this journey. Randolph Mantooth and the TV Show Emergency has influenced countless of people to become EMTs, Paramedics […]

Johnny Gage on the Podcast this Monday

Randolph Mantooth will be my guest on Medic2Medic Podcast this week. On a recent trip to California, I was lucky to tour Station 51. The station is in Carson City and Mr. Mantooth and I discuss if he ever stops by.   If you are a fan of the show, this stop should be on […]

Monday’s Podcast

I am very excited that Randolph Mantooth will be my guest on the the podcast. You learn about Mr. Cinader’s impact as the show runner of Emergency and interesting information on what occurred on the set.

Medic2Medic Podcast Blog

The podcast started in late September. The idea was born back in June of 2015.  I was walking my dog  Mandy (Golden Retriever) listening to a podcast (Industry Standard with Barry Katz) and thought to myself maybe I can create a podcast. Then I had this long discussion with myself for a few months that yes […]

Medic2Medic Podcast: New Episode

A new episode of  Medic2Medic Podcast is available today. Paramedic David Terkel is my guest.  David is from Medical Rescue Team South Authority outside the City of Pittsburgh.  The service covers 6 communities and responds to 10,000 calls yearly.  David is longtime resident of Mt. Lebanon, PA and started serving the community in 1995. David […]

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