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Medic2Medic Celebrates 150th Episode

I am not sure I knew a few years ago that the podcast would reach 150 episodes. I started the podcast with my iPad, free software, and Facebook as my platform. The first few episodes went with no editing. How about that?  One day I will go back and listen to those early episodes.  There are […]

My Journey Comes to the End

The journey ended on Monday. I received an email (I thought it should have at least of been a phone call). I am disappointed and it left me with a pit in my stomach. My kidney function test was 2 points below the UNC standard. Remember that UNC’s goal is to make sure the donor is […]

My Journey of Becoming a Living Kidney Donor: Part 3

One of the reasons for doing this is to bring awareness and information about becoming a living kidney donor. In Parts 1 and 2, I talked about the other reasons and the process so far. In Part 2, I let you know that I completed 24 hours of urine collection and had blood drawn. The […]

Emergency!: The Reboot

Hawaii 5-O , Will and Grace and other TV shows have made comebacks. Is it time for Emergency! to be rebooted? What would it look like? Who would be the stars? Would the stars be unknown or well known?  All good questions. Then the last question is why remake the classic show, which lots of […]

Do You Need a Masters Degree to be a Chief?

I know this blog entry might upset some of my colleagues with advanced degrees. Maybe I am jealous that I don’t have an advance degree (I have BS and I am glad I have it). It took me 14 years to achieve my undergraduate degree from Hahnemann University, now Drexel and I am very proud that […]

Does EMS Need Surge Pricing?

I returned from my daughter’s college graduation a few weeks ago (proud father) and started to think about the weekend. It was great and we had a wonderful time.  We arrived a day earlier and checked into our hotel. The rate for that night was reasonable at $169. The next night it jumped to $309. […]

Alzheimer’s and My Dad

This blog is tough for me as for the past few years my dad has suffered from Alzheimer’s and a few weeks ago we placed him in a Memory Care unit.  No, I am not going about to bore you with stats about this devastating and debilitating disease.. I believe that any family that has […]

Episode 61 of Medic2Medic Podcast Tackles Suicide Within EMS

One of the most difficult topics this podcast has discussed. The suicide problem that is occurring within the EMS profession. This week  I talk with the founder of the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance (FBHA) Jeff Dill. FBHA is dedicated to educating EMS, Police and Fire on suicide awareness. It is the only known organization that […]

Leadership, Values and Vision

How do you define leadership?  This is a great question. I do like this definition: Leaderships is dependent on the actions one takes rather than the position one holds. I recently completed a leadership program at Walt Disney World called Disney’s Approach To Leadership Excellence (I highly recommend the course), this is where I read […]

Medic2Medic Podcast Hits 5000

Medic2Medic Podcast a few weeks backs hit the 5000th download of the podcast.  The podcast is gaining listeners and followers as there are over 2ooo people following the the podcast. The podcast lately has had a Western Pennsylvania theme.  I talked to Jayme Burgman an EMS Entrepreneur.  We discuss his EMS career and how he […]

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